2020 Commended in the UK Landscape Photographer of the Year

2020 Holland International Image Circuit 2020: Best Dutch participant in PTD Travel Epe.

2019 The International Landscape Photographer of the Year: one of the Top 101 photographs.

2019 Nordic Nature Photo Contest 2019:  Winning Image in Category Creative images.

2018 The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018: Runner up,  Category Monochrome.

2018 Holland International Image Circuit 2018: Best Dutch participant in PID Color Open Rijen and Epe.

2017 The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017: Commended,  Category Monochrome.

2016 Holland International Image Circuit 2016: Best Dutch participant PID Color Open, Tribute to Colour.

2015-2019 Numerous Honorable Mentions in the IPA and Monochrome awards, 

2015 The Black & White Spider Awards / amateurs:  Overall winner and Photographer of the Year 

2015 Zoom Netherlands: Winner Category Landscapes